Hourly Rates:

The hourly rates depend on the date of enrolment of the Solicitor handling the matter. The current hourly rates exclusive of VAT are set out below:

Partners/Solicitors with over 8 years’ experience): £250.00

Partners/Solicitors with over 4 years’ experience: £180.00

Other Solicitors: £165.00

Trainee Solicitors: £120

Motoring Fees

Fixed and agreed fees:

The cost of your case will depend on a number of different factors including the type of offence, if you enter into a guilty plea or your case goes to Trial and the individual circumstances of your case. 

We charge an initial £100 consultation fee exclusive of the fixed fees listed below:




£1,200 – £1,700

Failure to provide sample


Using a mobile phone whilst driving


Failure to furnish details/info


Driving without insurance


Please note that the fees are exclusive of the Barrister’s costs for attending court on your behalf and third parties’ fees, like the expert’s fees.

We have dedicated and experienced solicitors providing valuable services for motoring offence cases and they are supervised by a Crime Solicitor of over 12 years of experience.

The works we cover after the initial consultation include the following:

        • Consideration of initial disclosure and any other evidence and advice.
        • Seeking further disclosure of further material, if necessary.
        • Taking your comments on officer’s statements
        • Analysing relevant evidence, and instructing the relevant expert
        • Conducting further preparatory work, such as taking instructions and queries
        • Advising on the strengths and weaknesses of your case
        • Advising on possible defences, likely sentences
        • Drafting relevant legal documents
        • Detailing the key issues
        • Preparation for your first hearing at the Magistrates Court.
        • Advising on court procedure and the sentencing options available to the court.
        • Discussing the outcome of hearing with you

Please be informed that our works do not cover the Barrister’s cost for attending court on your behalf and dealing with any Appeal, like drafting ground of appeal, and preparing for any appeal.

Please be informed also that there may be other costs involved to third parties, such as expert fees.  Our costs above are exclusive of these further disbursements. We will consult you on these and agree with you in advance before the fees are incurred.


The time it takes to conclude your matter would depend on whether you are pleading guilty to the offence or the matter is proceeding to trial and also the court listings. The Courts are busy now and so your case may run between two months to four months or longer.

Legal Aid

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